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Sanegor Treuhand

Leon Shamis

Nonnenweg 58
4055 Basel

Telephone:061 535 66 03
Areas of Practice: Management Accounting, Areas of...

Areas of Practice:

Management Accounting
Tax Advice
Human Resources Administration
Corporate Domicile
Consulting Services
Organizational Consulting
Company Incorporation
Inheritance Consulting
Property Management
Asset Management
Payroll Accounting
Financial accounting
Further Information: We support our clients...
Languages: German, English, Russian, Hebrew

We support our clients with precise and efficient accounting and tax advice. You will have the freedom to devote your time and thoughts to the most important tasks.

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Date 22.10.2019

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Sanegor Treuhand works to my utmost satisfaction both with regard to my sole proprietorship and my private affairs - wisely, effectively and extremely stylishly. Well-founded, expert advice is combined with smooth, precise work processes. I am happy to continue using the services of Sanegor Treuhand. I can strongly recommend Sanegor Treuhand to others.

Date 17.07.2019

Review from 

I am very satisfied with the service of Sanegor Treuhand. Always friendly and very competent. Let Sanegor in Basel fill in my tax return very gladly. documents will be processed within the shortest possible time. I am happy to recommend Sanegor to others!

Date 24.05.2019

Review from 

perfect communication and services. Very pleased.

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