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  • 06.04.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Consulting Trust 8 4 19 Segginger from Zürich
    "I can recommend it very much. Clear and quick comprehension, speedy, questioning and open for the unimaginable. What more do you need in this profession?"
  • 02.04.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Consulting Trust 8 4 19 Segginger from Zürich
    "I can recommend it very much."
  • 22.03.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Neutrale Beratung Treuhand GmbH from Solothurn
    "Very competent and personal. Could also recommend the advice very well."
  • 10.03.2020: 1 out of 6 Points Bosshard & Cie from Zürich
    "I am extremely disappointed about the prejudices of Mr. Messerli Eugen of Bosshard & Cie Treuhand. Just because you don't have a common name, you are branded as unsuitable. Invoices are issued for services that they cannot perform. Despite a contract, they do not want to provide the service. They even require advance payment on a quarterly basis. For me it's just a rip-off. Nothing behind it but pomposity. On the other hand, they have a first-class phone service. The tape already picks up at the first tone. But never a person. If you want to be informed about the exact facts, feel free to contact me. I like to broadcast all the conversations."
  • 29.02.2020: 3 out of 6 Points ATIBA AG from Ittigen
    "as in every service company, satisfaction depends on the staff. after our contact person quit and left the company, the services became more expensive and worse. documents were requested several times, information could not be given in some cases, prices for a simple tax return increased by approx. 50%. unacceptable. unfortunately, we can no longer recommend this company as a trust company."
  • 29.02.2020: 6 out of 6 Points Helvetic Capital Consulting AG from Zürich
    "Quick appointment and good tips given."

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Trustees in Switzerland: Trustees, Accountants and tax advisers in the Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees.

The Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees provides information about trustees, accountants, tax advisers and auditors with the following areas of practice: Management accounting, Tax advice and audit. Additionally you will find information on tax declaration, corporate domicile and consulting services. Find a trustee in Zurich, Geneva, Berne, Lucerne. The comparator Check of Swiss Trustees includes more then 1800 Swiss Trustees with pricing and reviews.

Trustees can advertise their trust office, by registering and then clicking on "Manage Listings". For more information call 058 274 70 14