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Finvest Treuhand, Rheineck

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Finvest Treuhand

Marco Roth

Thalerstrasse 19
9424 Rheineck

Telephone:071 534 14 11
SMS:Send SMS to trustee
Téléfax:071 534 14 40
Dienstleistungen zum Fixpreis:
CHF 200 pauschalCompany Incorporation
Hourly rate from CHF 60 to CHF 150. Areas of Pract...
Hourly rate:
from CHF 60 to CHF 150
Areas of Practice:
Management Accounting
Tax Advice
Human Resources Administration
Corporate Domicile
Consulting Services
Company Incorporation
Payroll Accounting
Financial accounting
Further Information: Competent, efficient, ...
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish
Year of patent:1997

Competent, efficient, solution-oriented, reliable. References on request

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Date 21.08.2019

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Report w Forgery of documents - release of company data after police action

Date 15.08.2019

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I got to know Mr. Roth as a very pleasant duty-conscious and very competent person. His expertise never ceases to amaze me. Can I just recommend price performance top. I hope we can work together for another few years.

Date 13.08.2019

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Business development works much better if the entrepreneur who wants to work on himself meets a trustee who has a holistic understanding of business management or entrepreneurship. Regardless of the challenge we face or the company we work for. Finvest Treuhand will throw itself at the cause and tackle the problems at the root. As a client, we immediately receive pragmatic measures that have an immediate effect. We now work together with Finvest Treuhand / Marco Roth and his team for several years. Mr. Roth is successful because business management is his element and he understands people/companies in various industries at lightning speed. An essential aspect of his success, I also see in his always positive and benevolent manner in dealing with people. He is really happy when his customers are successful. Finvest Treuhand in six words: dynamic-effective-passionate-loyal-competence-positive Mr. Roth in three words: makes the difference. If an entrepreneur is interested in working AM (and not just IM) companies and achieving success within a short time, then Marco Roth is the best man for it. With this in mind, I wish Finvest Treuhand and its clients continued success. Sincerely Francesco Spagnolo, David AG

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