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Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees
Swisscom Directories AG
Förrlibuckstrasse 62
CH-8005 Zürich
Phone: 058 274 70 14

Win-win situation for trustees and clients

The Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees provides clients an optimal search platform for their needs. You can easily compare the different offers: First impression of the trustee, his offers, prices and reviews.

The Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees means a win-win situation for clients and trustees: clients obtain efficient and good information for free. Trustees can present their offer in a simple and affordable way.

An essential component of the Comparator Check of Swiss Trustees is the possibility to review trustees. Trustees who have a lot of reviews, make optimal use of the "word-of-mouth".

Information about the sequence of the search results

The detected listings are weighted and listed in the order as follows:

  1. Sum of the additional services (incl. ranking points)
  2. Hourly rate mentioned
  3. Review average

Especially in places and cities with many trustees, it is important to appear among the top. You can achieve this using the following procedure:

  1. Include all additional services
  2. Include, if necessary, additional ranking points
  3. ...
  4. Turn on the reviews to "active" and encourage your clients to write a review on you.